Thanks to the internet, the students of today are a lot smarter and lot exposed to the reality of the world. The process of choosing a career has become complex and thus require more attention than before.

However, one important thing that most of them forget to consider is their personality. Personality plays a pivotal role in deciding the success of a person in professional life. A free-spirited person can never be happy with an office-bound job. However, he might excel in his career as a travel blogger or a flight attendant.

First of all, students are often ignorant about their own values, and interests. This ignorance creates difficulty while choosing a career. Also, there should be no hesitation to follow the true passion of life in fear of going off the beaten path.

Career counseling is never given importance in developing countries. As a result, students turn to their parents, peers or teachers for advice who do their best while relying on their own experience and judgment.

A detailed anthropological study confirms that there is a significant relationship between personality types and career choice. Those who chose careers that suit their personality have more chances to succeed than their counterparts.

Personality lets us know about the mental functioning of a person as it shapes who they are. Psychologists have come up with various personality types depending upon the behavior and choices of a person.

Now, it is easy to determine the personality type of a person from a series of tests that consist of multiple-choice questions, image-based questions or situation-based questions. Results from these tests can accurately predict the personality type of a person and show the pattern in perceiving things and make judgments.

The various personality types differ in their interests, values, and needs. They learn in different ways and cherish different occupations.

In conclusion, making the right career choice is possible through self-knowledge, understanding about individual preferences and personality type.

VAS Career Services’ Academic Pathway Planning (APP) plans on using the science of Psychology to help students choose a career that is both effective and satisfying to them.

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