Times have changed. Choosing a career is not an easy decision like it was before. Long gone are the days when science students pursued a degree only in medicines or engineering or art students could only find a job working with the government. With the requirement for new skills, the advent of the internet, financial affluence, and interest to make a career out of passion- youngsters are choosing different paths to follow.

However, the question remains at large- how to decide on what to do? The answer is simple, with the help of proven science. Educators have come up with a way to utilize psychological studies to study the personality, interests, passion, and skill of a student. These studies can then be used to steer the person towards a satisfying college degree and a fulfilling career by clearing out the confusion among students.

Why are students and parents opting for these evaluation based programs? The answer is quite simple.

As the expenses associated with studying are elaborate, students and parents are opting to be sure of their choices before making decisions. And psychological analysis of the student’s interest has come to their rescue. These tests constitute a set of questions and analyses their answers to point towards a career that would be best for them. There are also elaborate career and personality tests that can pinpoint the exact course suitable as per the student’s choice and skills.

Additionally, there are modules in these programs dedicated to various professional and soft skills that can ensure better vocation and employment for the enrolled student. These may include soft skills, exploring secondary interests, carving out a social media presence and so on. Focusing on these aids in career planning by helping create an overall winning image that helps attract prospective employers.

So, you may be a class topper or a person who has always known what career path to follow or a parent worried about the child’s future, enrolling is these career growth programs will help bring out the best in the enrollee. By understanding the challenges fought within, one can easily overcome them and win in professional life.

VAS Career Services has recently launched its Academic Pathway Planning or APP program that aims to help you figure out your career path. With two separate lineups targeted for high school and college students, the APP program understands the requirement of the students and guides them accordingly.

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